Zero Deposit Terms & Conditions

We would like to make you aware of the terms and conditions that apply to your £0 Deposit Option holiday.

1. This is not a confirmed booking – it is an extended option. Your holiday arrangements have been secured and held on option until the date (see option confirmation) at which the full balance is due to us.

2. Your holiday price is locked in until your balance due date unless your airline cancels your reservation for any reason. In these circumstances an alternative airline and/or service will be offered, and any price difference will be applied to your total booking cost.

3. Once your payment has been received this holiday will be ATOL Protected under ATOL 11770 and a confirmation invoice will be issued to you. An ATOL Certificate is not required to be issued until a payment has been received in line with the Package Travel Regulations Act.

4. You are under no obligation to pay your final balance. If you decide not to go ahead with your booking then please let us know on or before your balance due date and we will cancel your arrangements at no cost to you.

5. You may at any time prior to paying your final balance contact us to make changes to your holiday option if your plans change, with £0.00 amendment fees. However, any increase or decrease in the cost of the new holiday arrangements will be applied and reflected in your final balance.

6. If you decide that you would like to confirm your holiday arrangements and make a payment prior to the final balance date you may do so, and we will change your booking status from an Option to a Confirmed Booking.

This will be subject to our current terms and conditions in force at that time and whilst we will be as flexible as possible with any late change of plans or cancellation, in some instances we may need to retain part of any refund payment due to you against any irrecoverable costs we incur in converting your Option to a Confirmed booking.

These costs can include but are not limited to ATOL Fees, Supplier Failure Insurance, Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance, and processing fees. Any amount we are not able to refund to you will be specified prior to cancellation and is likely to be around £30 per booking.

7. Your holiday is covered by our terms and conditions which can be found on our website and these will apply when payment has been accepted and a confirmed booking invoice has been issued.

Issued 2nd August 2021